On the first day of 420, enjoy 20% off joint holders! This is the first time ALL of the J holders have been on sale at the same time... all Lady J holders, classic and sleek glass holders, and fun cheese wedge holders.

Use code BLAZE at checkout. Offer valid until 6:59am on Sunday, April 18 2021.

**Orders will ship throughout the next week. If you would like yours shipped sooner, email with your order number and we will take care of you!

PLUS, all orders $100+ will receive a 'Roll with Elevate Jane' set - our rolling papers, lighter, and favorite joint packer, a No. 420 yellow pencil eraser (subtotal, no code needed)


4 Days of 420 has become an annual tradition at Elevate Jane, and we can't wait to reveal the sales + fun surprises we have for you!

Every day of 420 will be different, and we’ll announce each day’s special offer at 7am PST on IG and on our website. 

21 results
Lady Holder - Amber
Lady Holder - Teal
Lady Holder - Smoky Grey
Lady Holder - Pink
Lady Holder - Purple
Glass Holder - Purple
Glass Holder - Pink
Glass Holder - Teal
Glass Holder - Amber
Glass Holder - Honey
Glass Holder - Periwinkle
Glass Holder - Mint
Glass Holder - Milky Pink
Audrey J Holder with 22k Gold Accents
Audrey J Holder with Platinum Accents
Limited Edition Mermaid J Holder - Sea Green Blue
Tentacle J Holder
Stiletto J Holder - Amber
Stiletto J Holder - Teal
Stiletto J Holder - Purple
Stiletto J Holder - Pink
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