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Hand picked gifts for your best buds... most items have vintage components and are one-off items, don't miss your chance!
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Gold / Amber Ashtray + Lady J Holder
Vintage Ashtray + Silver Fumette
Round Amber Ashtray + That Flat
Vintage Iridescent Ashtray + Purple Petal Pipe
Teal Ashtray + Petal Pipe
Square Amber Ashtray + Twisty
Teal Ashtray + Twisty
Vintage Iridescent Ashtray + Magic Bubbler
XL Amber Ashtray + Lady J Holder
Murano Ashtray + Magic Bubbler
Ceramic One Hitter + Matching Rolling Tray  ||  22k Gold Accents
Brass Rolling Tray + Vintage Ashtray + Lady J Holder
Wake + Bacon
Wake + Bacon
From $89
Sushi Combo Plate
Sushi Combo Plate
$206 $257
Pink Ashtray + Ceramic Pipe
Pink Ashtray + Lady J Holder
Ashtray + Sushi Combo Special
Ashtray + Shrimp Handroll Combo
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