Elevate Jane Clipper Lighter - 3 pack

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**Can only ship within the US via ground shipping (not available to Hawaii or Alaska)

Our first Elevate Jane lighters! As always, we put a lot of thought into what products we choose to purchase, and we wanted to share why we picked Clippers instead of another lighter...

Every single Clipper lighter is refillable (yes, even these plastic ones!) - simply use a butane can and refill from the base.

Clippers are made for smokers like us… the removable flint (the clickey wheel) pulls out and you can use the end as a packer when you're rolling up.

The long, flat edge of the lighter is used to scrape your fresh grounds into a nice, neat little pile :)

The flame is adjustable - hold vertically for a regular flame, turn horizontally and the flame gets bigger.

The flick feels goooooood! The ASMR is real.

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