Father's Day Sale

A celebration of all things DAD! Enjoy 15% off a selection of our picks for the special father in your life - use code 'DADBOD' at checkout. 

Offer valid until Sunday, June 13.

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Lady J Holder - Amber
Lady J Holder - Teal
Lady J Holder - Smoky Grey
Lady J Holder - Pink
Lady J Holder - Purple
Pipe Necklace || Stainless Steel
Pipe Necklace || Brass
Genius Pipe - Mini - Silver
Genius Pipe - Mini - Black
Genius Pipe - Black
Genius Pipe - Silver
Avocado Pipe
Shrimp Nigiri
Spam Musubi
Sushi Combo Plate
Groovy Chillum - Sea Blue
Groovy Chillum - Purple-Pink
Bowl Piece - Avocado
Poker - Avocado
Poker - Pineapple
Poker - Ice Cream Cone
Bowl Piece - Sunflower
Wake + Bacon Lil Bubbler
2pc Avocado Bundle - Pipe + Poker
3pc Avocado Bundle - Pipe, Poker + Bowl Piece
Genius Pipe Replacement Screens
Banana Pipe
Genius Pipe Replacement Screens - 12 pack
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