Happy Memorial Day! We're remembering everyone who has lost their lives in battle for their country, and sending lots of love to those who have survived them.

This weekend also marks the kick off of summer, and we want to extend 15% off our entire sale section. 

Use code 'MDW' at checkout, offer is valid until Monday, May 31 2021.
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Groovy Chillum - Purple-Pink
Groovy Chillum - Sea Blue
Pastel BB - Mint
Pastel BB - Purple
Pastel BB - Pink
Poker - Pineapple
Poker - Avocado
Poker - Ice Cream Cone
Bowl - Avocado
Shrimp Nigiri
Spam Musubi
PW Grinder
Bowl Piece - Cactus
Bowl - Sunflower
Double Bowl - Lavender Tulips
Double Bowl - Pink Tulips
Pastel BB - Milky Blue
Bowl Piece - Burger
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