Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Because your mom deserves something nice for her favorite flowers 💐

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Magic Bubbler  ||  Sherlock - White
Magic Bubbler  ||  Sidecar - White
Clear Quartz Crystal Pipe
Howlite Crystal Pipe
Rose Quartz Crystal Pipe
Amethyst Crystal Pipe
Smoky Quartz Crystal Pipe
Avocado Toasted
Chongo - Matte Black
The Maple Fillmore  ($50 off)
Pipe Necklace || Brass
Silver Fumette
Gold Fumette with Turquoise Stones
Silver Fumette with Turquoise Stones
Gold Fumette with Black Diamonds
Silver Fumette with Black Diamonds
Silver Fumette with White Sapphires
Gold Fumette with White Sapphires
Scent-Controlled Dime Bag || Black Widow
High Note
High Note
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