Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Because your mom deserves something nice for her favorite flowers 💐

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Magic Bubbler  ||  Sherlock - White
Clear Quartz Crystal Pipe
Howlite Crystal Pipe
Rose Quartz Crystal Pipe
Amethyst Crystal Pipe
Labradorite Crystal Pipe
Smoky Quartz Crystal Pipe
Avocado Pipe
Pipe Necklace || Brass
Silver Fumette
Gold Fumette with Turquoise Stones
Scent-Controlled Dime Bag || Black Widow
Shrimp Nigiri
Spam Musubi
Sushi Combo Plate
Sushi Combo Plate
$206 $257
Magic Bubbler  ||  Sherlock - Amber
Magic Bubbler  ||  Hammer - Amber
2pc Sushi Tasting
2pc Sushi Tasting
$126 $158
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