vintage no. 1

One of a kind sets, each is totally unique and only available here at Elevate Jane! There is only one of each set, so act quick :)
11 results
Purple Lady J Holder + Purple/Blue Vintage Ashtray
5pc Pink Rolling Tray Set + Lady J Holder Set
3pc Green Set - Handblown Ashtray + Glass Holder + Green Flat Pipe
Pink Vintage Ashtray + Choice of Glass Holder
Baby Pink Petal Pipe + White Fenton Vintage Ashtray
Footed Vintage Aqua Ashtray + Choice of Glass Holder
Stackable Ceramic Ashtrays (Set of 4)
Purple Ashtray + Eggplant Pipe
3pc Red Set: Petal Pipe, Vintage Ashtray + Bubbler w/ Matching Poker
Teal Duo - Lady J Holder + Teal Fumed Bubbler w/ Matching Poker
Red Petal Pipe + Vintage Ashtray
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