giving thanks + giving danks

Thanksgiving feels bittersweet to me. I don’t want to continue to perpetuate the lies we’ve been told by our government and schools about the peaceful meal between European colonizers and the native population that Thanksgiving symbolizes. Instead, I choose to practice extra gratitude today, to honor the tradition of sharing a meal with loved ones, while acknowledging the brutal history of our country’s birth.

I want to do my part and use Elevate Jane’s platform to spread awareness and help our indigenous communities. Now, in the age of COVID, it’s more important than ever to maintain cleanliness. 30% of Navajo families must leave the house for running water, and as you are aware, COVID rates are high on native lands.

We’ve started this campaign with @digdeepwater for the Navajo Water Project, and our goal is to raise $4500, the cost to provide one Navajo family with a solar-powered running water + sanitation system, so they can stay home and have what most of us would consider a basic necessity.

20% of all sales today will be donated to Navajo Water Project.

We are still running our food pipe sale today - 20% off all food pipes with code 'DANK'.

If you'd prefer to have your discount go towards Navajo Water Project (40% of your food pipe sale donated), please use code 'GIVINGTHANKS' - we will track additional donations this way, and make sure to add your donation at the end. 

Thanks in advance for helping our indigenous community. 🙏 I’m so grateful for your generosity and for helping to support a Navajo Family.

Happy Thanksgiving, Angela, founder of Elevate Jane


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