Unique, one-of-a-kind vintage sets paired with J holders, pipes, and our very own water pipe, Mimi.
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Lady J Holder + Scent-Controlled Pouch
Wake & Bacon Rolling Tray + Mini Ashtray Set
3pc Set: Clear Mini Square Ashtray, Starburst Rolling Tray, Mimi
4pc Set: Mini Flower Ashtray, Rolling Tray, Oval Stash Bowl, Mimi
5pc Set: Mini Square Ashtray, Stash Bowl, J Holder Cup, Mimi
3pc Set: Footed Floral Ashtray, Handled Floral Rolling Tray, Mimi
4pc Set: Mini Floral Ashtray w/ Dots, Oval Rolling Tray, Stash Jar, Mimi
6pc Set: Mini Crystal Ashtray, Crystal Cut Rolling Tray, Stash Jar, 2 Candleholders, Mimi
3pc Set: Heavy 1930s Ashtray, Rolling Tray, Mimi
3pc Set: Starburst Ashtray, Handled Rolling Tray, Mimi
3pc Set: Ashtray, Rolling Tray, Mimi
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