Water Pipes

The gentle sound of bubbles filtering smoke is like a soothing lullaby... the cooled and cleaner hit is preferred by many for good reasons.
23 results
Wake + Bacon Lil Bubbler
Spherical Bubbler - Pink
Wave Bubbler - Cobalt
Wave Bubbler - Amber
Wave Bubbler - Clear
Classic Beaker
Mimi w/ Double Tulips Bowl - Pink
Mimi w/ Sunflower Bowl Piece
Mimi w/ Double Tulips Bowl - Purple
Mimi w/ Avocado Bowl
Mimi w/ Mushrooms Bowl
Mimi w/ Cactus Bowl
Ducky - Topaz
Ducky - Ruby
Ducky - Amethyst
Ducky - Emerald
Case of 10 - Mimi
Chroma Mimi - Teal
Chroma Mimi - Smoke Grey
Chroma Mimi - Purple
Chroma Mimi - Pink
Chroma Mimi - Amber
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