The first and only Elevate Jane piece... what we deem to be the perfect water pipe :)
22 results
Chroma Mimi - Pink
Chroma Mimi - Purple
Chroma Mimi - Teal
Chroma Mimi - Amber
Chroma Mimi - Smoke Grey
Pink Mimi w/ Cow Bowl
Grey Mimi w/ Cow Bowl
Purple Mimi w/ Purple + Green Leopard Bowl
Pink Mimi w/ Pink Tulip Double Bowl
Purple Mimi w/ Purple Tulip Bowl
Amber Mimi w/ Sunflower Bowl
Mimi w/ Cactus Bowl
Mimi w/ Sunflower Bowl Piece
Mimi w/ Double Tulips Bowl - Pink
Mimi w/ Double Tulips Bowl - Purple
Mimi w/ Avocado Bowl
Chroma Mimi Bowl Piece - Pink
Chroma Mimi Bowl Piece - Purple
Chroma Mimi Bowl Piece - Teal
Chroma Mimi Bowl Piece - Amber
Chroma Mimi Bowl Piece - Grey
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