Ashtrays + Sets

Sets and bundles including some of the favorite pieces from our shop, including our Elevate Jane ashtrays. We do the work to perfectly pair sets for ez gifting (maybe a set for you too? 😉)

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Purple Mimi w/ Purple + Green Leopard Bowl
Pink Mimi w/ Pink Tulip Double Bowl
Purple Mimi w/ Purple Tulip Bowl
Grey Mimi w/ Cow Bowl
Pink Mimi w/ Cow Bowl
Amber Mimi w/ Sunflower Bowl
Poppy Ashtray + Glass Holder - Pink
Ursula Ashtray + Glass Holder - Jade
Ursula Ashtray + Glass Holder - Pink
Ursula + Poppy Ashtray Pair - Pink
Poppy Ashtray - Pink
Ursula Ashtray - Jade
Ursula Ashtray - Pink
Dank Duo: Purple Glass Holder + Psychedelic Papers
Dank Duo: Amber Glass Holder + Leopard Papers
Io Pair: Pink Hudson Pipe + Pink Glass Holder
Dank Duo: Periwinkle Glass Holder + Shroom Papers
Dank Duo: Honey Glass Holder + Sunny Papers
Stealth Set: Black Genius Mini + Grinder + Dark Charcoal Papers
Ready to Roll: Purple Glass Holder + Bouqe Prerolled Cones
Pink Glass Holder + Pastel BB
Purple Glass Holder + Pastel BB
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