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Not everyone fits into one category or another, and this is where we group our misfits - some of our most unique items, often one of a kind and available exclusively here.
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'Lady' Holder
'Lady' Hitter
Fumette + Lighter Case
Brass Screens
Stainless Steel Screens
Gold Fumette
Gold Fumette with Turquoise Stones
Gold Fumette with White Sapphires
Gold Fumette with Black Diamonds
Silver Fumette
Silver Fumette with Turquoise Stones
Silver Fumette with White Sapphires
Silver Fumette with Black Diamonds
Lighter Case - Brass
Lighter Case - Rose Gold
Pipe Necklace || Brass
Pipe Necklace || Stainless Steel
Pipe Keyring || Brass
Pipe Keyring || Stainless Steel
Walnut Case
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