dry pipes

Classic pipes, but updated. Whereas most pipes are usually kept out of sight in a shoebox, ours are proud coffee table pieces or bookshelf staples. You don't hide in the closet, and neither should your pieces. Choose a crystal to invoke the powers within you, or go the minimal route with one of our handmade ceramic pipes.


50 results
Pastel BB - Mint
Pastel BB - Pink
Pastel BB - Purple
Pastel BB - Milky Blue
Terpene Pipe Wash - Pinene Green
Hudson Pipe - Teal
Hudson Pipe - Purple
Hudson Pipe - Pink
Hudson Pipe - Light Honey
Hudson Pipe - Deep Amber
Tanjun Pipe - Milky Pink
Tanjun Pipe - Milky Periwinkle
Half Circle - Pink
Triangle - Pink
Triangle - Pink
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50 results
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