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2pc Solo Set: Mini Ashtray, Crystal Rolling Tray (without Mimi)
4pc Solo Set: Ashtray Duo, Mini Flower Bowl, Rectangular Crystal Rolling Tray (without Mimi)
Set 2 || 3pc UV Set: Starburst Ashtray, Rolling Tray, and Glass Holder
Set 8 || 3pc Set: Purple Laced Edge Ashtray, XL Handled Rolling Tray, Glass Holder
Set 10 || 3pc Set: Purple Glass Holder, Heavy Ashtray, Leaf + Flower Stash Bowl
2pc Solo Set: Mini Ashtray, Round Starburst Rolling Tray (without Mimi)
2pc Solo Set: Heavy Crystal Ashtray, Handled Starburst Rolling Tray (without Mimi)
Set 19 || 4pc Set: Handled Starburst Rolling Tray, Handled Ashtray, Stash Bowl, Glass Holder
Set 26 || 3pc Set: Amber Round Rolling Tray, Ashtray, Glass Holder
Set 27 || 3pc Set: Amber Rolling Tray with Ashtray Compartment, Square Ashtray, Glass Holder
Set 20 || 4pc: Pink Swirl Rolling Tray, Round Ashtray, Stash Bowl, Hudson Pipe
Set 25 || 4pc: Amber Round Rolling Tray, Ashtray, Bottle/Vase, Hudson Pipe
5pc Solo Set: Clear and Gold Round Rolling Tray, Lil Stash Bowl with Lid, Ashtray, Pair of Crystal Candlesticks
2pc Solo Set: Snowflake Ashtray, Large Crystal Rolling Tray
Mother Mary Hand Jar
10pc Green Entertaining Set - Green Ashtray, 4pc Glasses, 4pc Rolling Trays, Huge Stash Jar
Gold Leaf Catcher
Red Ashray + Small Rolling Tray
Green Floral Tray with Handles
Green Jar
Green Jar
Green Ashtray (Blenko-Style)
Amber Chips + Dip Set
3pc Set: Light Amber Heavy Ashtray and Huge Rolling Tray, Glass Holder
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