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Elevate Jane is a contemporary smoke shop - a curated collection of highly functional, aesthetically-pleasing smoking accessories. Peep our stash online, or at our shared showroom and retail space, AK-ElevateJane, in Venice (on the corner of Abbot Kinney and Venice Blvd). We also pop up at events all over Los Angeles.

We aim to destigmatize in support of plant medicine. By elevating the aesthetics of the culture surrounding the plant, we can positively influence how it’s perceived by the public, who in turn, have the power to vote to allow patients to access natural and effective medicine.

The shop was conceptualized in the summer of 2017, when our founder Angela discovered two California-based artists making unique and minimal ceramic pipes (Summerland and Miwak Junior). She looked for more deeply special pieces, and she kept finding artists who are mostly making one or two styles of pipes. Angela thought, someone should put all these different pipes into one shop, and so she did.

We offer the usual - dry pipes, water pipes, and rolling accessories (trays, tips, etc.), however, our products are anything but the usual. We’ve curated a selection of unique smoking accessories, keeping in mind those who prefer a more minimal and/or feminine aesthetic (like us!).

In addition to sculptural ceramic pieces, we carry elegant wood and glass one hitters, mermaid seashell pipes, and jewelry you can smoke with - a pipe necklace, a secret roach clip pendant. The collection continues to expand and includes smellproof storage solutions, handmade rolling trays, sustainably-harvested wood stash boxes, really good grinders, and more. In the spirit of plant medicine, we offer natural healing tools like crystal pipes, sage smudge wands, and terpene-infused aromatherapy candles.

We are proud to say that the vast majority of items in our shop are made here in the US, and we love working with local artists and small businesses - e.g. all of the glass we carry is blown by hand in LA or Orange County. We know almost everyone who makes the items we carry, and continue to seek products that are produced domestically.


 About Our Founder

Angela is an LA native living in her home city for the first time as an adult. She most recently lived in New York City, and is delighted to bask in the LA “winter,” reunited with her cat, Mary Jane Meow.

Angela founded Elevate Jane in pursuit of living life on her terms - a little differently, while making a positive impact.

Huffington Post recently named Angela one of “27 women who will shape the future of the plant,” setting some high expectations that lit her up. Through Elevate Jane, she’s fostering a good vibes community and planting the seeds for impactful projects to come.


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