Monarch Gravity Water Pipe


I’m just going to say it: this is my favorite of the water pipes from this year. It’s 100% a party piece, and you’ll be everyone’s favorite person when you bust this out at gatherings. 

Random thoughts about it…

  1. No mouth touching, perfect for groups! 
  2. I love not pulling lol - amazing for those of us watching marionette lines 
  3. Per usual, use a nug plug and medium ground flower on top
  4. Pull ssssllllllooooowwwwwllllllyyyy for the milkiest hit ever
  5. Perfect for family functions: the heavyweights get the first hit; lightweights can clear and get second/third hahah

We invite you to come back to the world of gravity water pipes, but made for adults .

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Technical Specs:

  • Measures approximately 14 x 4 x 4 inches (L x W x H). 
  • Fits 14mm male bowl

This item is intended for tobacco use only and may require an adult (21+) signature upon delivery.

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